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Natural & Sustainably Sourced Soy Wax

Our candles and wax products are made from pure, natural and sustainable soy wax, with zero paraffin additives. As a result, our products emit no harmful toxins when lit and offer a clean, even burn.

Ethically Sourced Crystals & Homewares

Our crystals are ethically-sourced, entirely authentic and hand-selected by Hywel & Dean. They come in a wide range of forms: raw, tumbles, freeform, towers, pendants, pendulums, shaped, bracelets, jars, incense & tealight holders and so much more. All of our crystals are cleansed and charged in a positive environment before making their way to their new homes.

Handmade In The UK

Our scented products are entirely handmade in the UK and are vegan friendly. We offer a range of bold essential and fragrance oil blends to enhance the uniqueness of your home. Our wooden wicks boast a flickering flame which is perfect for creating a relaxed and intimate ambience.

Candle making workshops. Fragrance oils. Bottles. Make your own candles.

Candle Making Workshop

Enjoy a fun and informative candle-making workshop and explore a wide range of fragrances to create your own unique blend!

Personalised bespoke candles. Design your own labels. Made to order. Soy candles. Wood wick.

Make your loved ones feel extra special by sending a gift with a personal touch.

Original abstract art artwork. Hywel Jones artist.

Explore our range of large scale original abstract paintings by in house artist, Hywel Jones.